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This year the rally takes place on the 10th of June 2017

The idea behind the Rally:

The EuregioKanoRally (we will stick to the Dutch definition) started spontaneously in July 2005 with the idea of a few paddlers to re-activate the old waterway between Almelo and Nordhorn. They took their canoe’s and paddled (and carried a lot) the whole 36Km distance. From these humble beginnings, the cooperation between the organizations and companies listed on the side of the page started.
In October 2007, the “Stichting Euregio KanoRally” (EKR) was founded. The goal of the EKR is to organize the Rally as a yearly International recreational event.

The first “official” tour between both cities was held in 2005, after a trial run by Michiel Rotteveel, of what he called “the Heimattocht”. This resulted in a very detailed and well-illustrated description of the Almelo - Nordhorn canal. Something worth to discover!

On June 25, 2005 the first official canoe route between Almelo and Nordhorn was opened. Counsel members from Almelo paddled the first part of the canal to Fraans- Marie and the Mayor of Nordhorn welcomed the paddlers at the German border.

On Sunday june 25th 2006 the rally was first named the Euregio Kano Rally. A photo impression can be found on the site.
In 2007 the 3rd Euregio KanoRally received its first subsidies from several sponsors. In October of 2007 the “Stichting EKR” was founded!


This is an activity that takes place on both sides of the border so the organization is bound by rules and regulations from two countries. However, Dutch and German volunteers understand each other very well in their respective language. Meetings and discussions therefore can be held in the mother tongue. Very “International”


"If you are stressed out...
just get into your canoe and forget the world!" (Peter Weekenstroo)

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